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Saturday, January 15, 2011

that we are !

that we are !

let us take our trophies and prizes
and glue them on the mantle
and nail them
upon the dusty walls of our pasts
yes we strive, we strive, we strive
to keep those moments of pride
alive is what i wish to be
i am so tired of having to reach back
to some distant accomplishment
to confirm me

so many of us are caught up in this convexing trap
posting pictures of who we used to be
ignoring who we are
if we look deep enough
we realize
we have not changed
we are still beautiful
we are still winners
and some would say
we are still sinners
every time i listen to that
i must sit and have a chat with my self
for the health of who i am
will never be achieved
in the embrace of such things

i like you am on a journey
i can not define the picture
but i know the feeling of what i seek
this day, this moment, this week
this life may be all i have
and perhaps it is eternal
but imagine being caught
in to this vortex we bought in to
this pretext that some say
this is all there is

if this dimensional journey is our all
then we must put an end to this fall
of our civilization
some of us hold on to the remnants
and our affiliations
and induce our thoughts
with True / False elation
in visions and in dreams
lucid or not do we not awaken
and realize that the sleep induced pills we have taken
has only served “no service”

yes i am beautiful
i am not only a winner
but i have Won
for it is in these “Self” examinations
that i have discovered
that which is greater in me
greater in you

the colors have been imbued
upon the genetic make up of our souls
as has the song
which has been playing all eternity long
and i know that you know that we can hear it
though “they” are still seeking to teach us to fear it
the song harmonically still plays
and we each have our own beautiful melody
and the Universe of Joy greets us
in trust
that we will follow the Beat of the Drum
within our hearts
and realize our sums

that we are !

(c) 15 January 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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