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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Don't Jump


He put on the Tights. He took of his glasses and tied the Red Cape around his neck. He went to the window of the Office Building and jumped out. He did this because he had a Big “S” on his chest. Just before hitting the ground he realized just what that “S” stood for . . . “STUPID”.

Many times in life we delude ourselves in a misaligned reality that we are so much more. We take on inconceivable odds only to fall . . . hard. This is not to say that we can not overcome many of the trials, tribulations and obstacles that lie before us, no, but we do need to perhaps operate within the boundaries of our given “Godly Reason”. If we reflect upon our lives we all can find many instances where we took on some challenges that we should have not. I do not feel there is anything wrong with the experience of learning as long as we do grasp the lesson at hand. Many times the lesson may not lie in the “Things”, but it may be a lesson about Self. Again, that is not to say that we are inadequate, no we are actually more powerful than i think we can ever imagine. But, perhaps that in and of it’s self is the fatal flaw as it was for the Man with the “S” on his chest. Imaginings untethered to a practical reality is a tenuous thing . . . at best. That is not to say that we should give up our beliefs in the “Super Natural”, for Faith has it’s own rewards.

If this “S” Man was in touch, perhaps he would have heard the “Still Small Voice” whispering . . . Don’t Jump !

In conclusion, if we wish to become the Super Beings that we are inherently, we must first practice listening to that Divine God Voice that resides within each of us and then submit. Guaranteed, you will live a Longer and more “Authentically” than what you have experienced in you past. Keep The Faith . . . but “DON’T JUMP”

(c) 2 January 2011 ; William S. Peters, Sr.

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