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Friday, January 28, 2011

ever for . . .

ever for

my soul joyfully weeps in anticipation . . .
of your coming
i know with all due certainty
that you bear for me a bountiful heart,
filled with the gifts of “Heart”,
with no limitations.

Through many restless nights
i rode the dream streams
of colorful light beams
looking over the horizons
of my aspirations . . .
looking for you

All my senses enlivened
with the urge but to be of you . . .
through you . . .
in you . . .
once again . . .
for you complete
the “me” of “me”.

Over the eons
i have watched
the waxing and waning
of my passions and desires,
knowing that only your heart
could align my path with my truth.

Need i say that
the warm velvet of your ethereal touch
grounds me in the soil
of the garden of “Birth and Death”
exposing my silly illusions . . .
that i am finite.

Yes Love,
in my delusional haste to live
and the creations of my own hauntings,
i knew you were always there . . .
heart in hand
flowing with the essence of all life
. . . love.
For with Love,
Death willingly is trumped
and thus submits it’s veil of deceit
to what “IS” . . . Life!

So my dear
bring me the breath of “BE”ing that sustains us . . .
bring me the Joy Divine
bring me my Life’s Light . . .
Light my Lantern once again
bring me our life
that permeates all “BE”ing . . .
that i may awaken
and be transformed in the . . .

ever for.

(c) 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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