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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

and i call it love . . .

and i call it love

i remember that sweet Spring Day
there was a feeling of anticipation in my heart
yet it was still heavy
from the Snow
the Darkness of Solitude
Winter often brings
as our spirits slumber
yet by the numbers
i went through it
just like i have done so many years before

and as i said
there was a sweet anticipation
of elation
and i could not quite figure out the equation
of what i was going through

but i know i needed something
and i call it love

as i was walking i saw all the happy children
playing and jumping and skipping and joyful
and my heart though not woeful
was not full of what i desired
and the fire though not out
and still yet warm
began to swarm my thoughts
of the absence of that special someone
someone i could relate with
share with
be with
and give the gift
i have been holding on to for much too long

and i know i needed something
and i call it love

yes, i still had a song within
and i needed a friend
not just a body
i have been there before
which is why the door to my heart has no lock
yes i was not willing to settle
for anything less
i refused to compromise
sometimes i felt this would lead to my demise
and to my surprise
i am still standing
and still demanding
for the certain soul
to fill this hole
and make me whole
once again

and i know i needed something
and i call it love

as i strolled down the streets of the city
pity came and sat upon my shoulder
each day that bastard got bolder
attempting to entice me to have a party in his honor
and i instinctively knew that when i did this
i would be a goner
and the game would be over
i knew i needed more than a lover
that i may perhaps uncover
my greater self

and i know i needed something
and i call it love

i walked into the restaurant
where a pretty little thing named Rita
came over to greet me
to see
if she could do me
from the Breakfast  Menu
though i must be honest
many times i thought of this conquest
the Bacon and Eggs of it all
and those wonderful legs that i could fall

and i know i needed something
and i call it love

as i adorned my best smile
and my fortitude
to go beyond this test
of my flesh
as i feebly sought
to flesh out love from my lusts
damn . . . 
i might be blowing this opportunity i thought
after all her breasts were nice
perhaps that would suffice
for a moment or two
and she did have two
would that do

and i know i needed something
and i call it love

i looked up for
perhaps the first time
and something i have never noticed before
that when our eyes met
i noticed that they were set
perfectly upon her face
as were her full inviting sensuous lips
and her hips that appeared
to be perfectly shaped for my grasp

and i know i needed something
and i call it love

i felt a movement in that place
that i did not often think of these days
though i have my ways of satisfying my self
no, not what you think
i paid close attention to my spiritual health
for that was my divine wealth
that is how i made it through
my meditation was my mediation
and though this physical equation was not satisfied
Rita moved me in ways i have long defied

and i know i needed something
and i call it love

as she seemingly peered deep into my soul
and her loving essence began to cajole
this raging beast that was raising himself
to be seen
in a wanton rage
for he realized that somehow
we needed to engage
in something more
yes, he, the “id” of me
wanted to explore
he wanted to climb the mountains of desires
and explode in the horizons of ecstasy
and this was no fantasy
for he had been there before
and he . . . my “i’ remembered

and i know i needed something
and i call it love

well needless to say
i gathered my salutations
i and i fit the words to the equations
and i navigated this situation
like the master of word that i am
or at least who i think i am
and of course as i employed the voice
i gave Rita a subtle yet definitive choice
loneliness or bliss
and as i described all the places
i so wanted to kiss
she began to melt
and explained to me that she too
felt as i did feel
and for too long she held her tongue
from the realness of her heart
and she began to impart to me
that she too was a person of dreams
and that life at times does seem
to never give you what you want
or what you need
but she saw in life a Garden
and long ago in her ardent heart
she planted the seed of love
deep in the furrows of her soil
and she nurtured it each and every day
in her own way
and i must say
i was flattered
for each day she saw me
she knew with certainty
that this day would come
for i was her sunshine
and her bright morning star
and she knew the road to this heaven may be long
but within her there was a song of promise
and she promised
that i would no longer need anything
for she was my everything
she would be the sweet fruit
of all the harvest
of my visions
and my dreams
and though it may seem
that this is but chance
she reminded me
that we must believe
in all the dreams we conceive
and though this line of thought
may be overused and tired
but the spirit of truth is required
if we are to achieve that which we seek
and have always sought
the happily ever after
with joy filled smiles and laughter
as we have been taught
we must be honest
and willing to admit
without requite and submit
to this truth

that we all know we need something
and i call it love

(c) 18 January 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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