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Saturday, January 15, 2011

he is not alone

he is not alone
i looked at the young man
sitting in the corner
the young woman
leaning on the walls of her life
they were trying to live
they wanted to live
for they were still here
they just needed something to support them
they were filled with and uncertain despair
a calling for air
for their soul

many times i too felt like this
which is why i can write and you can identify
with this absence of bliss
we were taught to believe
and conceive
only stories about the happily ever after
a life filled with laughter
in spite of reality
or should i say this surreal for real dream
it seems that at times
when we visit these places
all the rhymes upon the faces
are awry
and the eyes to our souls
are clouded
and deliberately seeking
a deeper darkness
where perhaps we can find solace

as we untether our self from our affiliations
as we hunger for reconciliation
with Self
we are forced to sift
through the war torn rubble
of our past beliefs
and our grief
and our joys

seeking meaning
as to why the wings we once adorned
are now self scorned
and the over preening
of the feathers
and we fly no more
so we go within
seeking some magical door
that will deliver us to the other side
the light they say
a new night within the day
still we are devoid
of understanding
in spite of the demanding
that our path be revealed unto us

yes we have trusted
in things not of our own selecting
nor making
and the thieves were taking
away our hope
feeding us the dope of false tomorrows
and finally the sorrow
of this horror catches up
and our cups are filled
with a bitter liquid of disdain
and we feign happiness

we do know that there must be a better way
but who do you listen to
another guru
who has perhaps mitigated his way
through his wilderness
but can i lay claim to the songs
that belongs
to others
though we may be sisters
and brothers

the young man looks up from his place
and he sees in the face
of the young woman leaning on the wall
that she too has fall-in herself
and a new thought has dawned
and a new countenance has spawned

he is not alone

(c) 15 January 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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