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Friday, January 14, 2011

for i love her . . .

for i love her . . .

there were things she could do with a look
that moved things within me
that i did not even know existed . . .
her very presence
her essence
twisted my thought
and my tongue followed suit

it was hard for me
difficult even
for me to formulate the words
to capture the effect
she had on me
when she was near
and it was not fear . . .
i suspect the excitement i felt
was much like when i knelt
in the presence of God
yes, i worshipped her
for she was divine
and she was mine

even now
when i think of kissing her
i feel the yearning
still burning
for though i am missing her
she is still here with me

i remember the gentle smiles
and her glistening eyes
and how they gave rise
to the cadence of my heart beat
and i am listening . . .
for though i have told my ‘self’
many times
in the lines of my rhymes
she is the reason why i live
the truth of the matter is
it is what she gave
and still gives

you see,
i am but a man
and our meeting was perhaps by chance
but chance is embodied in circumstance
and she gathered me
the all of me
and enhanced me

i was but a cubit
and she multiplied, not added
unto who i used to be
she was the Ark, my Ark
when my world was being flooded
with my nonsense
she made sense
and delivered me back
to Sunshine and dry land
she was my colorful promise
of the morrow
my Rainbow and Pot of Gold
yes, i felt the Doves fluttering wings in my heart

and though i may speak of these things
in a tense past
this feeling i have for her
still yet last
and my Soul sings
of this grandeur
i still hold inside
and though many a night
my eyes were filled with a pool of desire
for this fire to burn once again
and i cried
in an attempt to cleanse my Soul
that this veil betwixt
my then and my now
be removed
and that i awaken
from this land of forsaken
and embrace this essence
in this presence
once again

for i love her

(c) 14 January 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.


Therese said...

I love this so much, Bill! exquisite....

The Gardener said...

i thank you my dear friend . . .
Blessings of Love and Joy

Bente said...

Its so beautiful dear Bill :-)
Now I know where to go and read
wonderful poetry, so thanks :-)
Hugs and blessings bear Bill

The Gardener said...

Blessings to you my Beautiful Friend . . . My dear Bente you make my heart dance . . . . thank you . . all love . . .bill