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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Visiting Stillness

Visiting Stillness

Stillness is a place of “BE”ing. When was the last time you stopped in for a visit . . . . or even a listen ?  She does not live far from us. As a matter of fact her abode is right next door to Love! Why they live so close you can hear Love’s Chatter and her “Loud” Music right through her walls. They also have a yard that is connected that all of their children can play together without any fences to contain them.

I just came back from a visit and as i exited her abode, i was immediately confronted by a world full of Noisysome (new word) Voices. I must say that i was ok with it, for stillness gave me a gift this fine morning. She told me a story about Peace, her Twin Brother. She told me of his life and the many trials he had faced in his evolution to where he now resides. She pointed out that Peace was where he was today because of the Character he had found in his many battles. He always was such a dreamer, but he firmly stood on his faith to know that all things shall come to pass. As she was speaking of her sibling, i somehow identified with his persona and saw him as myself. I too believed, i too held on to my faith in spite of the trials and stumbling blocks that life allowed to litter my path. Oh yes, there were times i really wished to quit, however, there was this magical energy that came to my spirit and picked my head back up that i may once again regain the focus upon my dreams and aspirations.

After leaving her yard and again traveling my path, i felt reassured and somewhat fulfilled. That is not to say that i did not have questions, for during my visit, my inquisitive Mind saw fit to take a nap. I guess he was bored for he could not speak during Stillness’ story about the Life of Peace. But no doubt, as soon as we were outside of the door, he woke up extremely refreshed and ready for the journey we are now on. Here i thought he was completely asleep, but he must have heard some of the story. He told me how much he enjoyed the visit and the story of the Life of Peace and how invigorated he now felt. I smiled at him and embraced his uniqueness, for he certainly had a way with words, this i must admit. My question to him was always about his intent and the validity of such. Was he again being facetious for his own selfish motives . . . or was he sincere and just how long that would last. After deliberating for a minute about where he was and where he was going i found that it was a bit unsettling to judge.

Well, this is as much as i wish to speak of at the moment, for thus doing does takes me away from this place of “BE”ing that was gifted to me by my friend Stillness who lives right next door to Love and her divine story about her Brother . . . Peace. Until my next visit, i wish you Joy . . . .their Cousin who lives across the street.

Blessed Be


(c) December 2009 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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