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Saturday, October 30, 2010

and “IS”ness

and “IS”ness

live free or die they may say
as i have done so many times before
each time i have layed down my life
i have vied for so much more

but this is something i question my friend
is completeness found in the gathering things
or is it like death, in the letting go
as we stop chasing those Golden Rings

convexingly so we still press forward
with purpose but no clarity of mind
hoping as we stumble down our paths
that we may get lucky and find

the answers to questions of life
that we have yet to formulate
all we know is that there is a longing within
as we vacillate betwixt our Dreams and our Fate

but know that Hope alone is a powerful tool
for it provides us the ability to endure
all the errant paths we may travel
as we seek our Divine Holy cure

where all that we “Know” and “Be” becomes blissful
what a wonderful embracing dream
but it is better to Dream then not at all
for only then is life as i deem

so i continue to create that which i wish for
each moment in the power of my Now
and with absolute certainty as i step closer
and the “Beingness” of my Tao

i lay down my life that i may pick it up again
for i have the power to do so
each time i exercise my Holiness of being “Here”
i draw e’en closer to my Soul’s “Know”

. . . . and “IS”ness

(c) 30 October 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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