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Monday, October 25, 2010

for i am committed . . .

for i am committed . .

i was intoxicated by my delusions
as my truth went into reclusion
for the Sun that i worshipped was erred

as my Ego based protrusions
produced it’s own illusions
and the song of soul was not heard

so how does one reckon
as the Soul voice does beckon
to come to the garden’s of bliss

if i should awake
is that all it takes
that and your lips to kiss

just kiss my needy soul
like you did days of old
when we each knew who we are

for along this Life’s road
with this burdensome load
the journey seems so very far

though some do find hope
in all sorts of dope
that lessens the pains that they feel

illusions or not
the scorching poker is hot
and the burns of life here feels real

so what do we have left
that sliver of light in the cleft
‘twixt the dreams and demands of our “now”

i just must escape
from past Doctrine’s rape
and become liberated somehow

but there’s safety in Dreams
for all is as one deems
be it fact or delusions of mind

but if i stick to the course
like a gilded blind horse
i know not what i may find

so i do as most say
and show gratitude each day
and perhaps a light will come

but the concept of sin
without and within
separates me from my true sum

so i have resolved to just quit
to not engage the bullshit
and follow the Drum of my Heart

for ‘tis why it does beat
for Love knows not defeat
and from Love i shall not part

for i am committed . . .

(c) 24 October 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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