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Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Garden Hose

My Garden Hose

Many, many years ago when i was a Child, my Grand Father was a Gardener. Oh, the Garden he had seemed like it was as big as a City, especially when it came to the duties of tending it. There were such tasks as making rows by turning over the soil; planting the seeds or starter plants, that was kind of fun. Then came the not too fun tasks of pulling the weeds, watering the garden and thus the harvest. The best memories i embraced and carried forth were none of the above. Yet, i still carry that vivid picture of my Grandfather’s garden in my head with warm memories. No, the best part was when it came after the time of harvesting when we were able to eat. I was, as a child, not very fond of vegetables, but the fruit ! . . . enough said.

I remember as i became a bit older, the tradition of gardening was passed on to my Parents and my Siblings. Me, i never had too much time for digging in the soil as an adult. I do remember being child, one of the subtle pleasures of this gardening process, was being the one who controlled the Hose during the watering duties. You see during those days we did not have Irrigation. We had to go through the arduous process of gathering these long hoses and uncoil them and attach the nozzle and spray the Garden. Being the eldest, i often got to control the nozzle. Many times during the watering process, the “Hose” would get kinked and i would have to stop and go and “un-kink” it. I was not to agreeable, for as a child, my friends and play time were on the fringes of my conscious efforts. But i knew that “Water” was an essential aspect of the “Nurturing” and thus “Healthiness” of that Garden. If i did not Water it, my Grandfather would know it, and there were consequences to be paid! . . .I did try it  a couple of times (((~;. Oft times even the watering duties were a bore. Some times i even “hated” it, because it seemed like it was getting in the way of “me” and what i would rather be doing at those times of task.

I often think about my Grandfather and his Garden, and i do miss those times. Though it may not seem in this empirical world i like to garden, i do like to partake of it’s harvests . . . as we all do. I have learned many things in “hindsight” about these gardening experiences and i am still learning about the fruits of our efforts and labors as life goes forth.

Life it self is very much like a Garden. We all experience the fruits . . .or vegetables (((~; of the efforts we expend. We too plant our seeds in the soils of life and as, or how we nurture them is what comes about in time for our digestion or intake. Many times we do not particularly care for the harvests or fruits we effectuate by way of our efforts, whether it be due to our nurturing or lack thereof. Many times we look back on our efforts and deem them to be naught but wasted time. I often experience this outcome still to this day! But today i wish to forgo all of those truisms and just focus on one small aspect of the Gardening process, “my Water Hose”.

We are very much like that “Water Hose”. We as Human Beings are but “Vessels”. The essential things of life do pass through us as well as we nurture our Gardens, our Lives and the Lives and Gardens of all that is about us. This includes our Families, Our Communities, Our World . . .yet most importantly our Higher Self. Many times we are like that “KINKED” Water Hose that must be straightened out so that we may adequately nourish our Aspirations and our Dreams. We do plant the Seeds of our Hopes in our Dreams and many times we abandon the “known” duties of caring for them. There are  times we also may be in a position to “Water” another’s Dreams, Hopes and Aspirations and we do not do so. Do we fear a “Spiritual Water” shortage? Are or we just too much into “Self”? I am but reflecting here, for in reflective hindsight i do see “my” Self Clearly! Many times we hold back because others did not plant the crop we desired of them. This happens most times with people we claim to care the most for, like our Children and others we hold close to our hearts.

I believe with all that i am this.  The universe is filled with “GOODNESS”! This like the Seed is but potential. To gather a Seed from the Universal coffers of goodness is easy, for we have “Creative Thought” as one of our inherent attributes. Being a “Creationist” i follow the tenants of the Creation Theories. I believe that Our Creator did gather us from the dust and did breathe His / Her Breath in to Man, and thus gave us life. I believe that He / She did give us dominion over the Earth that we become the Caretakers, Gardeners of all of it’s Goodness. Thus we enjoy the Fruits and Vegetables thereof. I also embrace the fact that He / She put His / Her hand in the Water and imbued it with His / Her Spirit and that same “Spirit Water” abides within us all. Water Is the Primal essence of our lives and that of the entire Earth. I believe that we too have this innate ability to do the same in the Gardens of Life. I believe that this is our fondest and most “Primal Wish” . . .to get back to that “Magical” “Garden of Eden” and Live the Sweet Anointed Life of Goodness and Joy with the Love we were designed to be. yes i Believe ! . . .

but first . . . i must “Un-Kink” “My Garden Hose” !



(c) 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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