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Friday, October 8, 2010

Sowing our Seed

Sowing our Seed

Today i was walking. During my journey i was attempting to deliberately practice walking in and with “Mindfulness”. I was listening to the various sounds, not by focusing, but by allowing them to come to me. I heard the gentle and sometimes brisk breeze rustle the leaves of the trees in the wood. I heard the little critters, Crickets i think creaking and crying and such. The Birds, yes the Birds are almost a forgotten given when it comes to their presence. I so take them for granted so often. I heard the rummaging of the Squirrels gathering the Fruits of the Oak Wood and the Wind . . .  the Acorns. I then began to focus, or i should say allow the various sounds of the Acorns falling to come to me. This is where the “Magic” began. As i listened, i could hear the Acorns that fell upon the Bed of the Oak wood, making a soft thrashing sound as the hit the dry leaves that lay upon the floor of the Wood. Some times i would hear them bounce within the Trees and finally roll a bit and come to silence. The sounds that were most significant were the Acorns that fell upon the street, for they hit very hard and bounced a few times before they came to a semi permanent stop. I say semi permanent, for the Traffic and the Peoples quite often disturbed their temporary resting place upon the Earth. I would kick them down the street playing little mind games of “distance and placement” or i would try to kick one into another. The vehicles driving along the road would offer them back to nature in a masticated form by crushing them with their tires.

Along my journey i saw many an Acorn that had lost it’s cap and was turning brown, . . . a sort of dying. I surmised that they were not destined to become Trees. Highly unlikely that these Acorns would come to know the fruits of their Sacrifice in that manner, though like the falling leaf, they do have purpose. In contemplating this arrangement with cause and effect, the parable spoken many years ago about the “Sowing of Seed” began to dominate my thoughts, so thus i had to write about it. Though this Parable is not necessarily indigenous to any particular sect of Humanity, it can have a profound contemplative effect on our lives if so allowed.  We as the Oak Tree have the ability to Sow Seeds. Whether our Seed be that of our Off-Spring, Our deed, Our Spirits or Our Thoughts. Un like the Oak Tree, our Sowing of Seed is much more deliberate and conscious . . . or at least it should be. many times we are more like the Oak Tree than perhaps we should be. We at times may become so “Self Indulgent” in our own Identity or Non Identity, that we are not mindful of how our “Swing” manifest about us. For example if i am in a “Dark” mood, i can be very offensive and thus have a profound effect on the world and the peoples around me. Many times this same countenance i pass forward to others does in turn get passed along to others they encountered. fortunately the converse is true as well. If i am Joyful and full of Gratitude, do not think for one itsy bitsy moment that it does not have an effect as well.

When i look at the parable spoken by the Christ . . . especially the part about where one “Sows” their seed, i did struggle a bit. Something about sowing their Seed on “Good Ground”. I went back to the Acorn and i saw the Seeds sown upon the “Side of the Road”, as well as the Bad Soil and the Rocks. The possibilities may still be prevalent, however the likelihood of those Seeds taking root did not exist. I then reflected back on us, we, Humans and our abilities found in “Consciousness”. I then held onto this thought process and how perhaps there is a lesson to be learned from the example the Oak Tree offers in it’s simplicity. Should one continue to Sow their Seed regardless ? Should i as a Conscious being only Sow my Seed where i think it might prosper, take root, grow, blossom and bear fruit ? Should i look with due diligence for the opportunity to do so? . . . I believe there is merit to all aspects about the Seeds we Sow and the Light and Love we share. I do think the Sacred Silver lining starts with intent. Like the Oak Tree and it’s Seed, it serves not only the “Seen” aspects of new life, that the seed may grow into another Oak Tree, but the Seeds that did not make it do also serve an “Unseen” purpose in providing the nutrients for that seed that did take root.

Once upon a time there was a man with a light that lived on a very Dark Road. Every time he heard someone coming down the road he would turn his light on. When he was not aware of such he would allow his light to rest. One day after the Sun rose, this man walked down the Road and he saw another Man climbing out of a Ditch. The Man with the Light asked himself, why did i not hear this traveler, for surely i would have turned my light on. He then asked the man in the ditch how did he go unnoticed. The man in the ditch said, there was no light, and i knew you were a good man with good intentions, so i walked quietly as to not disturb you. The “light Man” was troubled by what he perceived to be his fault. The man in the ditch saw this in his countenance, and consoled him and told him to worry not, for he had his own light, which he always kept on, for you never know when another needs to find his way.

in conclusion . . .  like the Oak Tree, keep on Sowing your Seed, giving of your Light and your Love, for you never know where it may serve another and how.


(c)  8 October 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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