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Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Shower

The Shower

This morning as i began my Morning shower, i reflected the meaning of this ritual. I closed my eyes and allowed my thoughts to drift to the significance. The Shower then became my own personal Waterfall. As i meditated as i usually do i saw this Waterfall as my Being’s primal cleansing agent.  This is a place i often go to. I thought about Water being a part of the Creation Story and it’s poignant place. God’s Spirit moved across the Face of the Waters.

Well, as i showered with my eyes closed, i offered a prayer . . i connected with this primordial source of life. I intended this same Water that God has touched to cleanse not only my Body, but my Mind and my Spirit. I asked this Holy Water to bless me by connecting in reverent communication with that same element which comprises70 % +/- of my essence. I asked that i, like Water could come to flow and settle in the Source of all Life . . .  that of Mother and her wonderful Ocean of sustenance. Yes, for me this was quite an experience.

As the Water danced across the nakedness of my skin, my being, my soul, i began to watch within my minds eye as all my concerns, worries washed down the drain. I became very relaxed and at peace as i listened to the symphony produced by the soft music being played with it’s pitter patter against the surfaces of my consciousness. I hear the soft whispers being uttered to my Soul, that all is well. I felt the soft embrace of the Hands of God . . .that same Spirit that knows not Imperfection nor Death touch me deeply and align my focus that i may continue to Open my Heart and Allow the Goodness of life to reside in me. My, my, my how good is life ? All this in “The Shower” . . .

Blessed Be


(c) 2 October 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.


Laura said...

Thank you for sharing the significance of something so routine and making it profound. I'll think about this tomorrow morning, and i'm sure it will have a lasting effect on my day. :)

The Gardener said...

My Dear Friend Laura,
I am quite honored that you found my expressions moving. Thank you so much for your kind presence and words.
Blessings to you