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Thursday, March 8, 2012

will i burn . . . a collaboration with Jill Delbridge and 'just bill'

will i burn . . .

there is no buffering
from the suffering
but i must let it go
you know what i mean

these old eyes have seen
far too much of such
and the clutches of death
are choking me
everywhere i turn

will my soul burn
in that eternal fire
if i damned them
who promulgate
this nonsense ?
makes no sense to me

will God come with the recompense
we ignorant souls await

they tell me to wait
for that non disclosed appointed time
when the Anointed One shall return
and deliver the Rhymes

yet still i ask
will i burn
if i damn them

Amen my brother

to my fellow brothers,

sisters, family ,
and friends
bestowed with
the gift of word
the gift of poetry
help us end this atrocious
affront on our Humanity

tear filled eyes

of fear
peer through my eyes
pleas of mercy
pierce and echo
within the depths
of my soul

my humble mission

an impassioned voice
of conviction
for "The Invisible Children"

exposure , and capture

of joseph kony their “master”
their monster
utilizing gifts of poetry
to assist and cease
this abominable atrocity
Won't you join us .....

Let me extract my pen
and fill it with the Red Ink
the Blood of our fallen
and stab the perpetrators in their hearts
that they may feel my compassion
as found in my words
they have not heard
since the Great I Am
visited upon them

we all need love
yet we restrain her
train her
to go the way we choose
and my God
don’t we all lose
when we confuse our minds
with the subterfuge
and lies

we rape the goodness of our children
or we allow it
either way
we are responsible
for these reprehensible actions
and there is no faction
of that which is Holy
that will condone our silence
why we sit quietly
and watch the violence
our children must endure
be sure of this

Freedom is priceless
Humanity and Justice
are a must
would you not want
fellow nations to aids us

for those of you

who think
this doesn't affect you
think again
where will another monster
child murderer
akin joseph kony strike again
what if it was our children ?

Uganda's precious children

deserve to grow to be
mature men and women

anyone of them could be

an inventor , a doctor,
life saving surgeon

they could even be an average citizen

maybe they have an aspiration
like Jacob to be an attorney
and perhaps someday
they will have their own children

Please help save these children

so they can live ,Love ,and be
happy ,fearless , and free ....

so let us rise
to the sound of Word
written and spoken
given with the power
without falter
to alter
the way

let us rise in one voice
we have no choice

if we are to honor life.
we must remove
the unnecessary strife
from our existence

the lives of our children
my children
your children
all children
yes, all children
belong to all of us
those that are . .
who have been
and those to come

let us realize our sum
and resurrect life
to life
without reservations
that we may establish
“One Nation Under the Groove”
across all of Creation
as we move
towards Love, Peace and Harmony for all

can you here the call of our words
or simply ask your self . . .
will i burn ?

© 8 March 2012 : Jill Delbridge & William S. Peters, Sr.

Voice Code : Jill = Italicized / Bill = Not


Janet Caldwell said...

This is the BEST poem that I have read in awhile. You two brought a voice for the voiceless....Simply, LOVE this.


W. S. Peters, Sr. said...

Thank You So Much Janet . . . .humbled . . .