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Monday, March 5, 2012

Thank You Lins . . . Sailing My Ship

  Sailing My Ship

i stood on the Beaches of my Existence
and i looked out upon the Seas of Life.
My heart desired and longed
that i too one day may go forth.
So . . .
my Father taught me how to build a Ship.

i put my Ship upon the waters
and i drifted here and there.
i was aimlessly tossed to and fro,
so i sought through the prayer of intent
that i may come to learn to direct my course.
So . . .
my Father taught me how to build a Rudder.

i was bemused and pleased.
As time went on and on . . .
the Sea was the Sea,
but time continually went on.
Some days went peaceably slow,
and some treacherously Fast and Stormy.
The currents of life dictated my days instead of me.
i was being troubled from within
for my lack of control,

and . . .

my Father intuitively seeing this
gave me the visions of Wings of a Gull.

He taught me to capture the Breath of Life
and build a Sail. Thus doing so,
i found that my Sailing and Navigating
of the Seas of my life
was completely within my control.

Days went on,
which turned to Months
and to Years of many.
i, over this time grew weary.
Though i have experienced many things,
i had no purpose,
other than the discovery of new things.
This is what i dedicated my life to.
i collected these discoveries as my treasures.
i do not complain . . .
However . . .
i soon tired of the seemingly redundancy.
i wanted my purpose to have more . . .
more substantive meaning.
i wanted to leave a Legacy.
i wanted to have an Ultimate Destination
where in my weariness of Sailing
the Seas of my Life,
i could find Meaning, Solace and Rest.

Being very troubled within,
again my Father came to me . . .
and said . . .

My Son . . .
you have always had purpose . . .
that is but to be My Child.

You have always had a Destination . . .
through all your times of trouble . . .
ME !
I AM your Destination !

the Comfort you now seek,
the Meaning, the Solace and the Rest . . .
is in MY Hands . . .
the same Hands that has
Guided you . . .
Held you . . .

through all of your Life’s Aspirations . . .
Trials and Tribulations ;
through your Joys and Sorrows ;
through all of your Discoveries . . .
and Disappointments
you encountered on the Seas of Life

Come my Son . . .
Come and sit with me
Sit on My Beach

and . . .

let us watch the Young and Restless
build their Ships .

© 5 April 2009 : William S. Peters, Sr.


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