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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

not fall

not fall

Trine Square =’s12
Disciples of Vibration
Pyramidic bases
Disciples of Light
Disciples of Energy
calling you

who is this King
that lays in the chamber
the ascension
beyond all perceivable borders
and restraints
we create

no quarters will be drawn
as the dawn of the Soul
comes to be

open thy eye
the One
as the Sun of Life
to liberate
ye who have voluntarily
embraced the task
of service

purpose evolves
laying waste
to errant thought
and doctrinal ghosts
of what never was a truth
save in transitory deludable lives
such as that which we believed in

they called it sin
and we cowered
seeking shadows
that we may hide
never quite understanding
that our own cosmic light
can never be extinguished
for we were hand crafted
from a dust
manifested from a One truth

Thoth brought forth a verse or two
for you
for me
and still we listen not

perhaps we have forgotten
how to attune,
align our holy seeds
in the garden of Mother Divine

the poles are now shifting
yet still we fear
lifting our psychic eyes
to the Sun
and i ask why
are not we already blinded

and our Christ exemplified the path
of resurrection
and the “Fathers” as the Church
twisted his words
to make it convenient
while subjugating the power of word
to serve their own end

damn them
or love them
for it is their misdeeds
that nourishes the seeds
of a truth
that will self rectify
and straighten all men’s paths
and it will not be denied

can you hear the music
i hum along
to the song

listen i say

listen to that which is within you
it is true
it is but You speaking
to you

the Universe is thine my child
as is the Trine squared
and know that you too
are but a disciple
of the most high
and in the end
you can
not fall

© 19 March 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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