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Monday, March 5, 2012

i want my poetry

i want my poetry

a Rebel Poetry the chant

i want my poetry to touch your soul
i want my poetry to fill that hole in your heart
i want my poetry to move you to action
just like mr. Jackson
i want my poetry to make you stand up
be counted

yes . . .

i want my poetry
to make you rip the flesh of your delusions
from your false realities, bias and prejudice
that you may perhaps get a glimpse
of your higher self

i want my poetry
to make your soul scream so loud
that it expands and explodes
and the noise of it’s voice
pollutes the world with Truth

i want my poetry
to hold the hands of your dreams
upon it’s breast
and for you to feel
the heartbeat of joys not yet spoken
that is labeled with your name

i want my poetry
to kiss your aspirations
with smiles of happy butterflies
that i may watch you simply dance
because you can

i want my poetry
to open the floodgates of your reason
that your limited perspectives
of difference and deference drown
in the cascade of the waters of unity

i want my poetry
to till the soils of your spiritual garden
with possibilities
and plant ever abundant new seeds
of exponential-ness
so that all previous preconceived boundaries
and limitedness
will dissipate
into the eternal ether of nothingness
and you learn to laugh at your self

i want my poetry
to teach you and me
the divine art form
and purpose
of spiritual masturbation
that we may learn
to no longer condemn the holy
which resides within each of us
and we learn to forgive ourselves

i want my poetry
to eradicate our reluctance
to love each other,
to lose the inhibitions we have been taught
indoctrinated to embrace as the right way
and learn a new way
this day
of how to love

i want my poetry
to be loving
to be enduring
no judgmental

i want my poetry
to reflect the beauty of creation
i want my poetry
to reflect the best of who i may be
i want my poetry
to be poetry
and help you become
a Poem

a Monte Poem Prompt

© 5 March 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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