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Saturday, March 17, 2012

ain’t life a bitch

ain’t life a bitch

within the mind of every man
there is a vast landscape of possibilities
and i walk the lonely crowded road
seeking that elusive horizon
of completeness

men are enslaved
to the colors of their own reason
which is stolen from each other
endowed by fathers
and others
as an elixir
to fix
those things
we believe broken

has anyone spoken a truth
in the empty auditoriums
where mindless audiences applaud
because it is the proper thing to do

so they tell me
we have been cued
so do not elude the protocol
or you will surely fall they say

the days are far too short
to get anything meaningful done
once it has begun
it is filled with distraction
and the actions we purpose
fall like leaves to the forest floor
to but become the compost
that perhaps nurtures
new illusory growth
of new illusory truths

don’t we have to plant seeds
go gather some from the roadside
that have not found
fertile ground
and let us recycle them

can not i just imagine the fruit
will it fill the belly
of this beast
that eats at my soul

perhaps if i just die
i will not have to vie
for your acceptance
and then you will eulogize me
with accolades of lies

i am watching you
and listening too
that’s what the God in me says

and in the end
i suffer not to defend
the ways of men
but for the ways of God
i will die
for it is only a matter of time
before their life poetry
ceases to rhyme
with the divine i think
what do you think

will this ship of reason float
or sink
ain’t life a bitch

© 15 March 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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