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Friday, March 2, 2012

a Father’s Prayer to Father

a Father’s Prayer to Father

i am tired
i am weary
and through my tear laden eyes
i cry to you

had there been no You
there would be no me

this road of Trials and Tribulations
is daunting
and still yet
my past is haunting me
begging for reconciliation
back to you
and i know You knew
i would come to this

but another kiss
is all i desire

to feel Thy lips upon my own
affirming that some
of my sown Seed
will produce a sweet fruit

in my many times of desolation
you have pulled me through
with naught but your Silence
and hence i now affirm it all

those prayers have been answered
for here i am
with another day
to make a way
like David
my brother
to your heart
only to find out
i have never left

yet my quest
to navigate
through my own delusions

the Wilderness has been good to me
for i did find . . .
most of me
and all of You
for as the Son spoke
the yoke is not easy,
but if you need me
“There I AM”

Cleave a wood . . .
turn over a rock
through all without
all within
call me
for i am thy friend
as i said
“There I Am”

e’en before Abraham

damn . . .
why did it take so long
for me to remember this song ?

a God-less life
is no life at all
it is but death eternal
a never ending
self induced purgatory

so i as a Father Pray
this Prayer to my Father

© 1 March 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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