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Friday, March 2, 2012

sorry to disturb you

sorry to disturb you

perceptions askew
the obvious becomes oblivious
the “Li” has done it’s work

here let me lend you and “e”
Li = Lie
you get me

from Divine to Mine
claiming ownership
to something we can not hold on to
in our spirits
hear it ?
the whispering ?

at blistering paces
within the illusions of time
we live
we die
yet eternity prevails
yet still

we fill our coffers with opinions
directed perspectives
the ghost like electives
that have no tangible reason
to confront
the presence
of that which always looms
on our horizons
our hopes
and yes
our dreams
and nightmares too

it seems to me
that the gears
are not in sync
succinctly so
but who really cares
as long as life pretends it works
for about 70 years or so
the average life span
of man

but then what “Homie”
going home ?

will you know me
when your hard drive
of existential memory is wiped
what lessons will you carry forth
or are you too, destined
to repeat them once more ?
the clandestine experience
here ?

the whores are cheap this time around
no money required
“we can barter” said the Devil
and he was true and level about this

just bring the Soul of your Children
he likes them young and tender
so he can mold them
enfold them
in the indoctrinal truth of lies
where belies
what was once obvious
becoming oblivious
the ways of the days
of our lives

oops . . .
sorry to disturb you

© 29 February 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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