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Sunday, November 6, 2011

to what end

to what end

to what end do we live my friend
if we explore not this containment ?

we refrain from approach
of the unknown
though we have sown
the seeds for the coming of it’s fruits

and the mighty shadow warriors
of Fear
and their Legions of Doubt
circles your little wagons
and we cower
each day
each minute
every waking hour
as if our Dreams may be realized
where there is no light

i too crave sleep
for my own reason attacks it’s self
day after day
and the sense it seeks
is perhaps a self . .
a “Self” contained one
at least that is what they say

this journey seems vaguely familiar
très familier
for i have seen these Sign Posts before
and that elusive door
to the light of understanding

i believe
i am he
i am He
just for me

Saints and Preachers and Teachers
and all sorts of Creatures
are being featured
in their own Movies
yet they wish to
greet you
seat you
they can complete you
if you watch their show
theirs presentations
of their interpretations
of the «IS» ness of life

well am not i . . «I» an «IS»
too ?
Was not i too encoded ?
downloaded with the same compellations
as you ?
and love

ok .. ok. .
i will stay for a while
and check out your style
if that certifies
or dignifies
this false sense
of worthiness you
vie for
are willing to die for

death may not be all that bad
though sad for all the ones
who have not travelled
in their «Now» ness
those who allow this mess
of Empiracy to rule the nest

and in all this circumspective thought
when we get home
and empty our baggage
we will see
that we bougth so much junk
that we did not need

so to the closet we go
put the junk in the trunk
my friend
and label it Karma
that is our Dharma

and wash the hands and fingers
of resonant memory
and get back in line
and let’s do it all over
and again
and again
until that time of illusion
we realize
that we are
have always been
right where we are

to what end ?

© 5 November 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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