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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

i am filled

i am filled

the fine mist
of a midnight rain
pleaded with my awareness
to come forth
and mate with my consciousness
that i may partake
of the meal
offered to my soul
from the soft moonlit heavens
that look down upon me

the vibratory essence
of that “stilled” moment
as a solitary ringing
of a solitary bell
on a solitary hill

one clang of its clapper
and there was a burst of awakened light
and darkness ceased to be
and i knew i knew
al things

i melted into life
for being the created
i remember the hand
that of my creator
i am His
and He is mine
and We are One

i felt the fingers of time
knead me
shape me
mold me
from nothingness
to thought
to pliability

and my etheric
of non defining
non encapsulated
non containing
unbridled me
was all there was

i followed a sound
like a Cosmic whisper
of a known, yet unknown wind
and i saw my breath

my chest expanding
and contracting
keeping time
with some celestial symphony
the Stars and i . . .

my heart was no longer
that of my own
but ‘twas that of my allness
ever still
yet exponentially
that which is yet unseen

dispelling all previous notions
of Life’s, Creation’s
duplicitous nature
for all was unified
one marvel
one wonder
one thought
in mindfulness – less
and i am filled
yet empty
an allness
that is devoid of things

yes, i am filled
i am the overflowing abyss
of emptiness

i am filled

(c) 22 November 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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