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Saturday, November 26, 2011

this day . . .

this day

the light of the Sun
filtering through my eye lashes
restoring the glint in my eye
on my path

watching my footstep in the yard
imprints of me
behind me
and footsteps
waiting to be fulfilled
ahead of me

i am coming
dear destiny

you have led me
in my blindness
along the path
i had to travel
for it was mine
with the colors of travail
the colors of joy
the things i have done
and the things
i failed to deploy
they were all mine

i often reflect on that oft’ used word
perhaps we make much ado about nothing
perhaps not
is it the seeking
is this our lot
the plight of mankind
to seek boundaries
that either we rebuke them
refute them or allow them to become
our defining moment
the collection of this life’s work

and to what end do we serve thee
this day
as your unknown yoke
chokes the best of our lives
from the pits of our bowels
to come forth
i assuredly am lost

tossed about the realms of reason
and trust me
the seasons are endless
it seems

i bother not to count anymore
for the numbers never change
they are the same
1 - 2 – 3 etcetera

and Ma nor Pa
nor Grand Pa
nor anyone
never did explain
this quasi insane
of pains
and exhilarations

we mostly live distracted
from a variety of ultimates
such as Love
yet we go about our indoctrinal ways
infecting our youth
to live as we have
never to uncover
who we may become
this day

(c) 26 November 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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