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Saturday, November 12, 2011

This Day i See

This Day i See

i awaken each day
in gratitude
and i pray
that my footsteps
be of purpose
and my thoughts
and yet free

i keep not company
with Dogs
nor Fools
for they have Fleas
and thus my spirit is annoyed

and those who delight
in the unbridled tongue
i pray for you
that you suffer not
the taste of your own brew
for it’s bitterness
who can withstand

i make no demands
save of myself
and even that
i am learning to let go
Judgment . . . hah !

with this clarity
i am able to see the wonder
within each breath
and every shadow
that visits my way

and smiles of knowing
encompasses me
for shadows
are only present
where there is light

i can not name
the treasures in life
there are so many

how does one acknowledge
every breath
every heartbeat
every thought
every blink of the eye
from the time of thy birth
or Re-Birth
by what name shall i call thee

in this divine moment
i come to know thyself
and with the pristine thought
of a cool morning mountain stream
i am flowing
reborn each moment
each breath
each heartbeat
each vibratory pulse of life
of consciousness
to begin anew

this exacting of thought
i share with this world
this day
is but the reconciliation
of a man with self
or perhaps it is a shadow
of such

but this i do know
i am my own light
for that is my power
afforded me
by He who sits on the Throne
of the Kingdom within me
within you
and this day

i see !

12 November 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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