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Saturday, November 5, 2011

for i can not wait until tomorrow

for i can not wait until tomorrow

marching with deliberation
across the landscapes of humanity
the giants of men
cared not where they trod

the sod and soil of mankind
filled with tears
of anguish
the blood
of our children
with no consciousness
of consequence
as to where they placed their feet

the cry came from the legions
of families
the peoples

the steeples
where bells once hung
and rung
to call forth
man’s greater spiritual resonance
have tumbled
and become silent

the utter defilement
of all that was once held sacred
has been cast aside
as worthless
and errant
and of no validity
in the cities
and the country sides

we think we must hide
find a corner
like little Jack Horner
and eat some pie

friends became estranged
families dysfunctional
for the challenges
to discourse
no longer made sense

and in defense
of this time upon us
i say good
we should be threatened
then perhaps we will garner
our swords and shield
and cease to yield
to the throes
of this world as it may be

and i know we all see
that change
to this visual complexity
we have allowed
must come

and we all know
that our sum
is greater
than what we have been told
but have we sold out ?

hoping the lies
would soothe us
smooth us
prove us
thus liberating us
from our demons
who ejaculate
their semen
upon the faces of our children

and again and again
i ask
which is the task
we, Man must undertake
to cease the marching
upon the landscapes
the trampling of our gardens
of dreams
and hopes
and visions
for a better NOW

i ask now
for i can not wait until tomorrow

(c) 5 November 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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