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Friday, November 4, 2011

if i the Poet

if i the Poet

i the Poet
declare my words
to be null and void
Please do not become annoyed
with what i am about to say
this day

if i the Poet
speak not words of Life
to alleviate your strife
then i must ask
why do i undertake this task

if my words
offer you no solace
from the day to day embrace
of your anguish
and the language
of indifference
i ask
have my words
made a difference

there are Poems
that dislace our lives
from that place
of the shuck and jives
and the cruel pokes
in the sides
of our suffering

there are poems
that provide a buffering
to this pain
of this inane plane
we call reality

there are poems
that offer contextual surrealities
where we may escape
all good
for i am trying
to get away my self
most times
from my self
and all the drama
i allow
and dream of

there are poems of love
and the smiles
of little children
i think they are all beautiful
for that Poet
has been dutiful
with their pen
again and again

there are poems of light
that enlighten us
to believe
there is something grand

and there are poems
that help us understand
the complexities
of our humanity
and the line of insanity
that threatens us all

there are poems of joy
and entertainment
that allows us out
of our containment
of the doldrum
ho hum
of our boredoms

i celebrate all the poets
and their attempt
to breathe life
into the words
they exact

and as a matter of fact
even if you are not a poet
i celebrate you
in all you do
in living
and giving

and as i was saying
if my words are dead
they are just words
from my head
and they sink like lead
for they have not fed
anything meaningful

so let me say this
for my own edification
my own education
to my own elation
and supplications

if i the Poet
breath not life
into my words
to enhance you
then i the Poet
declare my words
to be dead

(c) 4 November 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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