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Saturday, November 12, 2011

for i know of Love

for i know of Love

i once was a fair and comely lad
i am now one who is aged
begging of the alms
of my memories

i remember how joy exuded
in my walk
my actions
my speech

now she quietly resides
within me
embracing my collections
of experiences
and i am wizened and enriched
for Joy has not parted
from her old friend

i look upon the youth of today
and i manage a smile
that of recognition
when i too
had fires of wonder
burning unbridled
seeking only
to mate with my passions

the years
were not all kind
nor all harsh
but all “Teaching” they were
when i stopped to listen
or reflect
as i now do
most of my days

i now seldom look forward
for today’s lot
has much bounty
to be explored

and yesterday
perhaps gone
sometimes forgotten
but still here within me
as a calling
from some thing distant
“Something” like me
i used to know
so intimately

i spend much time
in reconciliatory contemplation
still yet to understand
“purpose’s” undertaking
or the way man should go

should i live 1,000 lifetimes
or more
the journey i believe
is still the same
from birth to death
and back again

i have spoken to God
many times
countless even
and many times He answered
in the voice of His works
and His grace
for that i am thankful
He’s a Good Father

when i consider
this path i have traveled
reverence overwhelms me
for i have been blessed
to do so

abundance and prosperity
were always mine
to have
to give
to waste
to horde
that is the way of the Spirit
and the way of man

though there were many problems
i could not resolve
my way
they passed on
and life continued it’s march
down Time’s Highway

and this day
this moment
in the penning
of this Intel - Spirit examination
my wants are dissipated
for life has filled me
and sated my hunger

for that which i have always had
that which is he jewel of life
the divine seed
that makes the fruit of all gardens
endlessly sweet

and this day i sit at the table
once again
and offer my humble obeisance
to the Source of all things
and i am at peace with all things
for i know thy power
for i know of Love

(c) 12 November 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.


ITS ME said...

truly enjoyed this one poet

I know of the love as well;
I wear God like a medal of honor now when i get old I shall wear him like a shawl as his blessings will be like a fire that keep me warm... I know because even now i'm so favored by his grace...


W. S. Peters, Sr. said...

My Blessed Joisey Gurl. . . i am honored as always by your presence . . . .

W. S. Peters, Sr. said...

I thank you Dear Janet . . . sending you my love