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Sunday, November 21, 2010

shaking the Jell-O

shaking the Jell-o

i am comfortable in my own little world
just don’t shake my Jell-o
you will get me to . . .
wiggling and Jiggling and Squiggling around
and perhaps i will get uncomfortable
as i come to the room temperature of Reality
i will start to melt
and then i will have to reconsider my form
such things as
am i really what i thought i was
did the Mold define me
enhance me
or did it just romance me
into becoming what it wanted me to be

am i defined by the fruit i contain ?
or am i the fruit ?

Now that i think about it
what color am i where do i fit in
i feel like my whole of existence is but for the consuming
am i really Sweet and Popular
does Bill Cosby really like me
or is he too but a corporate puppet utilized to push an agenda
am i supporting this indoctrinated mindset by going along
without doing some shaking of my own
but what can i shake
stir up, change
affect to effect

All the children love me
and i too love them
which is why i give them these sugars
to bring smiles
albeit there are concerns
for which we should discern
about what becomes learned . . .

yeah i got my Jell-o shaking now
and i am melting the more
with the effort i give
losing my character
or the illusions thereof
i am what they made me to be
Sweet and Sappy and Syrupy forgetfulness
of our Moments
our Nows
as the world of all the Sugar Junkies we call children forget
where true happiness lies
in the embracing of each other’s hearts
the smiles
the Joyful Playing
in the naturalness of things
of life
kissing the Sun,
the Moon
the Stars, the Butterflies and Rainbows and Tree and Flowers . . .
but most of all . . .
kissing the grandeur of all sweetness . . .
Life !
the life i see in your eyes
the twinkle
the jiggle of joy as we dance
to the music of being
feeling the Rhythms of Creation

as we shake our Jell-o

(c) 21 November : William S. Peters, Sr.

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