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Monday, November 8, 2010

quiet . . .


a quiet breath
a quiet thought
a quiet mind
waiting for the dawning of realization
of the meaning of life,
it’s toil,
it’s suffering,
it’s indifference
betwixt the children

dis-chord-dance is the prevalent composition
of the symphony
the music of our existence
the conductors are blinded
by the misplaced and askew harmonies
of objective selfishness

pain merchants are plotting
new rules to the game
or perhaps . . .
new games for all the unwilling
who are intoxicated by delusion
and doctrines
and tradition
and variegated colors

we play absent mindedly in the gardens
of the absent hearted
callously going through the motions
with unanchored smiles
and untethered dreams
eating the unleavened bread of sorrows

yet still we have
a quiet breath
that we may breathe new life
a quiet thought to bring forth resuscitations
a quiet mind
that we may spawn creation
and we can reach back
to a better “now”

let us indwell in the stillness
become the genesis of change
dust off the lanterns
that the light may permeate the darkness of the noise
cast aside the voices of chaos
that rides the mounts of pride
and ego . . .
let the Power Mongers open their eyes
and look into the face of their demons
and see fate’s unwavering cosmic law of balance
and become “in” lighted
and we will walk once again
with one
quiet breath
a quiet thought
a quiet mind

of love

(c)    8 November 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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