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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Miles of stillness

miles of stillness

here i sit in a sort of quiet stillness
Miles is caressing
tickling my consciousness
intriguing me to listen

The soothing notes of contemplative softness
releases my pensiveness
and i sigh

there are no whys anymore
pulling at me
prodding and poking me
to engage,
i am just being
the flow

the darkness i embrace . . .
embraces me
in it’s unknowing
but yet to be discovered wonder . . .
i do no longer stumble
for i am in quiet stillness
to the heart beat within me
keeping pace
in a place
called “MY Space”

i hear
i watch
my breath
coming . . . . going
sowing light,
the light of peace without cease
connecting to my greater self
found in things . . .
all of them

i can not hear
but i can see the noise of thought
vying for my attention
i smile at her incessant beckoning
seeking her own reckoning
in the dance of subterfuge
again i smile
and i recline
to the midst of these lines
i lay down
for Miles’ horn owns me now
and i am drifting in “A” minor
as a major “Unmovement”
in stillness
Miles of stillness


the cessation of my desires
has released my peace
i smile
yet again
for i am no longer a captive
i watch my driving wants
being driven away
along the dry River Bed
in my
Miles of stillness

i languidly lay here, prone
with no agendas
but that of my pen
and the untethered expressions evoked
and this place of revokedness
is no longer on the map
of my now boundary-less self
in and with my
Miles of stillness
there no “BE” longing
or longing
no right
 or wronging to be done
in this non place
that requires no definitive description
of being
of . . .
Mile of stillness

(c) 20 November 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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