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Friday, November 26, 2010

all it takes . . .

all it takes

all it takes is
a stare
a gesture
a look
a glance by chance
and the brother wants your life

all it takes is
a gun
a uniform
a place in space
where you know no one
and you are ready to kill
at will
children with no face
waste the land that is not yours
but looks the same in this game
a war torn neighborhood
that used to be all good
until  . . .
you . . .
fill in the blanks

what is it we see
when we come to be a part
of this heart – less ?
or heart none
cold steel gun
a holder
that makes you bolder
to pull that trigger
go figure
i ain’t that . . .
for that’s my Son
he may be my only one
or my last one
ain’t no fun
getting dressed in black
with a black heart
to be a part
of some senseless ass going away ceremony
what is your testimony
to you, your self
is that all it takes

and there are those who sit
yet motivated by your
unsure – ness
blind – ness
weak – ness
sheeple – ness
is that
all it takes

we are fed violence
from the day of our birth
on this earth
as we seek our worth
and our self esteem
yet we dream
of brighter days
brighter ways
but the electric is off Mom
the lights are not on
so we cling to the illusions,
the delusions
be it wrong
that we belong
to some sacred patriotic honorable creed
is that all it takes
for goodness sakes
the baby inside awakes
and is suffering
and hungry
the inane pain
will never go away
never wane
for you took a life
that was not yours,
but you gladly gave yours away
with some thoughtless act
of jealousy
you did not even know the victim
as you followed your dictum
of the stupidity of non being
not seeing . . .
is that all it takes

and this duplication
of stupefied indoctrination
becomes a systemic epidemic
of the lack of “Self Love”
and understanding
Perhaps we should start demanding
get rid of the Video games
that teaches us to kill
at will
Life has no Reset Button
let us begin to see first our worth
on this earth
and there is no reset button for the divinity
you lost
no cross for you to bear
just a truth you fear
that your soul; has been
and now you think you’re rollin’
in your manhood
for you would be the one
behind those bars for life
was that all it took
that’s all it takes

all it takes
is to play that same childhood game
“follow the leader”
but who is leading you
and your thoughts
and to what end
my friend
Patriotism ?
shit, the highest form of Patriotism is to me
and Humanity
for we
are all part
of one reality.
A bullet does not have feelings
or consciousness
but i do
for myself
and you
for i am so much more than this
ill – ness
will less – ness
to think less
and feel more
yes i am so much more
and i want so much more
so did my Son
the Sun of my Joy
My Boy
is Dead
for . . .
that’s all it takes


(c)  20 October 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.


StArWhIsPeReR said...

~YeS~.....!!! ☮ PeAcE ☮ AnD ❤LoVe❤ AlWaYs!!!~✰~~✰~....✰✰✰

The Gardener said...

My Beloved Friend . . . YES . . . YES . . . YES . . all about the Love . . .
have a blessed Day my Dear Friend

all love