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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the Saints Walk By

the Saints Walk By

the Saints are walking in the Holy Parade
playing the music we hear
whispering and singing and shouting and screams
within our dreams
wanna play ?
charades is the game of choice
in this game we call life
i pick up the blade, the knife
i attempt to consciously disengage
my consciousness . . .
the Spider Web of Doctrines and Beliefs
and the Foods of my Ancestors . . .
have i overeaten ?
they do say you are what you eat
but . . .
what was in that Casserole ?
my stomach hurts mommy
here she says . . .
take another pill
it will be all right in a little while
i trusted her
i trusted in the intentional goodness
and i am now contentionally weeping
in my soul
seeking resolve
as i evolve

the next day i fell
i skinned the knees of my divine self
i bled
they gave me a Band-Aid and some orange stinging liquid
that shit hurt !
must we be pained to heal ?
yet i am still bleeding
and the blood pours forth every day
by now i should be dead
for i have been bleeding it seems
since the beginning of time
my hands have been pierced in the palms
i can no longer grasp any truth
or any thing else for that matter
yes, i too bear a cross
upon which many times over i have been nailed
i look down from my perch of forsaken-ness
and i see yet still
the Saints Walk By

(c) 17 November 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.


Simone Segal said...

William, I love your poetry, you are so very gifted, I shall will have great pleasure reading you,
Thank you,

The Gardener said...

My Blessed Simone,
I am truly humbled and yet honored by your kind words . . . .
thank you again