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Thursday, November 4, 2010

the Seeker's Path

the “Seeker’s Path”

the clouds of understanding are before me
as i stand upon the “Seeker’s” Path
seeking a home
a place of resolution
where all is cozy and safe and warm

all life about me stands
as it always has
in witness of some quiet knowing
and i am continually sowing
seeds . . .
to what end my friend ?

i have stripped my self naked of my delusions
perhaps . . .
or perhaps not . . .
yet . . .
somewhere in the unknown
or forgotten recesses of me
my “i”
i can not see the Harvest
but in my ever light projections
i trust it will come
as i attempt to remain aplomb
to this journey
this world
this experience

it does not matter whether i am really “HERE” or not
for i forgot to some degree
what it is i am supposed to do
yet, the Ether of understanding
that i hold in my hands
whispers faintly
of a time Long ago . . . Now
and i sow the seeds of wantonness
more or less
upon the wisping Clouds of  my desires
as the fires consume me

this aching for Soulful conciliations
may just be the key to what i seek
upon this “Seeker’s Path”

yes, i open my Heart
with the empty Hands of need
and i continually sow this seed
of love in – deed
that the Fruit may come
to fulfill my Pleading Soul
to be whole
once again
as i journey . . .

the “Seeker’s Path”

(c) 4 November 2010

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