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Thursday, November 4, 2010



Each day that we awaken, we are “routinely given 24 hours to “DO” Life. As we take a closer look at what our lives are comprised of we / i see that it is time to do some “Re-Allocations”. Let us have a closer look from a General Perspective.

hours is the time we generally allocated to Sleep Stuff

hours is the about the amount of time we allocate to work and the travel to and fro

hours we allocate to the Eating and Feed process

hours is the average amount of time we spend each day in the Bathroom to include Showers / Baths, Shaving and other aspects of our Daily Bathroom Routines . . .this may vary . .

but when we add all these hours up we come to a Grand Total of 23 . . .
I became deeply concerned about this number, for that was all “i” was left with out of 24 hours. What about me. Was i put here to just perform such rudimentary functions as Work, Eat, Clean and Sleep ? There must be more! No wonder some of us have this longing to escape our life. It is a Self Appointed Prison of Routine. What are we to do? Some would suggest we alter our perspectives about how we look at things. Some say to alter our perspectives about everything. But still, how do i draw closer to the “Appreciation and Fulfillment” of Life when i am so bust do the same old things “Blindly” each Day ? Where is the “Balance”? 1 Hour . . .  that is just about it.

But let me tell you this . . .  Though it may not be completely about “perspective”, but how you position your self to see your life and existence does have much to do with it.

For example, if you had an Occupation which you truly Loved and Enjoyed, you would be gaining about 10 hours of Joy in your daily routine. So find love in your Work and Avocations.

If you had a Day of Peace and Balance you would prepare and Sleep with that same Peace and Balance and awaken each Morning Refreshed and Vibrantly filled with Life . . . Find your Peace and Balance and reclaim another 8 Hours of your Life.

To Eat Nutritious Energy (Food) most certainly adds to the Strength and Re-Empowerment of the Body’s ability to navigate one’s life. It truly is a blessing . . .a sort of Oasis to our Desert if you will. This is not to say that we are going to Die if we do not eat Regularly, Properly or else wise, but the Right Input yields the Right Output  . . . Physically, Mentally and Spiritually. So, “BE” mindful of what you Ingest, for it is that which becomes your “Blessing”. Eat Well !
There you go . . .another 3 hours

And last but not least . . . when i am Cleansed . . .within and without . . .  i am cleansed. . . what more can one say about that. I feel good and i am happy and Joyful in my Attitude towards Life.

In conclusion . . . only we . . individually have the power to take our lives back from the doldrums of Routine, which surely yields Death. Awaken and Live . . .

all 24 . . .


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