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Sunday, August 1, 2010

we . . .


we search for what we already hold
we must journey within our loving fold
we think about the thoughts of old
yet we tell of things that we’ve been told

truth eludes those who run from light
we close our eyes and embrace blind sight
we yearn for peace but yet we fight
freedom is not in what’s cinched tight

we seek the joys in deluded mind
the paths to Dreams we’ve yet to find
selective to whom we are kind
amongst each other we draw the line

we wish for love with no embrace
in our mirrors no smiling face
the tapestry is here but where’s the lace
we live a life and leave no trace

to become authentic is why we’re here
to learn the lesson beyond the fear
yet darkness closes and draws nigh and near
as soul does cry the silent tear

but the transcendence is found in hope
while we ingest all types of dope
to dull our sense that we may cope
to find that our hearts has long eloped

for love can only abide with peace
the ways of man must desist and cease
the doctrines of old must be released
and vanquish the Demons and the Beast

as we . . .

acknowledge that which we already hold
continue the journey where love enfolds
for only Love precedes that of the old
and stop blindly embracing all we were told

it’s all about the love . . . nothing else !

(c) 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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