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Thursday, August 26, 2010

the Garden of Even . . .

the Garden of Even

there once was a Village
that had a Garden
where nothing but Love ever grew
the Fruits were Divine
what was mine was thine
this was what everyone knew

and then came a thought
which some sadly bought
that i was different from you
and to all of dismay
came forth the day
when this paradigm then became true

the children were confused
and some were used
to further the separation of self
and some gathered night
and held on quite tight
for they thought that things were wealth

and as time went on
the old life was gone
where they all lived simply as one
and wouldn’t you know
even their personal glow
was fading and almost done

but much to their mirth
the Mother called Earth
gave an awakening call
it was not for the few
but all that She knew
she called before the fall

now some did transcend
before the end
of this fictional story i tell
but within every myth
there is a sweet gift
that each may come and dispel

so please come on back home
to the garden you’re from
where all is balanced and square
the Garden of Even
where there is no needin’
for love indwells everywhere

(c) 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.

Much Love and Gratitude to my Friend,
the Wonderfully Divine Fantasy Artist

Christine von Lossberg

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