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Sunday, August 1, 2010

my beloved . . .

my Beloved

oh where, oh where is my beloved
where has he gone?
my heart weeps in anguish for His presence
my thoughts leaps in anticipation of His arrival
oh where, oh where is my beloved

Deep within the core of my being
there is a place,
a small dark room
in the inner recesses of my heart.
it belongs to Him.
It is my chamber of Love,
where i the Bride await
full of desire
full of fire
a fire that only His prerequited love
may extinguish

i embrace my Joys
for i know soon come the day
soon come the day of my quickening
when i and my lover shall be one

i remember from whence i came
and i shall return
to that place of flowing bliss
to receive my kiss
the anointing of all my joys
my hopes

i have endured much too long
within this realm we deem life
filled with strife
of this world
but i have endured,
for my lover gave me a song
a song of my heart
that sings of the memories
the memories i shall never forget
when He held me in His loving arms
when he pressed my head upon His breast
when i was soothed all the day
and all the night
as i listened to His Heart
telling me of all that which i pined for
all that i wished
all that i dreamed
all that i aspired
as this fire
burned . . .
within the Holiness of Life

yes, today and all days
i sing this song
i speak this
speaking the word
speaking the word of love
speaking the word that only Angels know
as i step in to my lover’s river, i flow
to the Spiritual Oceans of life
from whence all things spawned

my Soul opens it’s door
to meet my lover
as my lover comes to my Chamber
and He knocks
and i answer

for my lover is here
with me His Beloved

i am His and He is mine

my Beloved

(c) 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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