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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

listen . . .

listen . . .

i was listening to the Silence
and it’s thunder in my ears
i saw my desire’s reflection
in a pool of my tears
i try to live in moments
and they add up to years
and each step within the journey
there are potential fears

but one thing i have learned
not one of us are alone
i feel this in my knowing
in the marrow of my bone
i hear Creation’s music
i hum the Sacred tone
i unsheathe what i think wit
like a knife it must be honed

so each day i take time to ponder
what i embrace and i reject
in my finite perspectives
all is quite suspect
when all i want is goodness
i submit that i may detect
the rock of my foundation
let the universe praelect

so in the end i wonder
just how does one quite fit
as we mind the road and paths
and all the prevalent Bullshit
‘scuse my language it is but a word
i used to express and transmit
the spirit of the wonder seeking child
dies when it blindly submits

so attune your self my friend
with the beat of your true drum
for it in natured is attuned
calling your heart to come
back to the Cosmic Garden
the fruitful place we are from
only then, only then my friend
will we come to know our sum

so won’t you sit with me and listen
to the awakening of our souls
the slumber time is over
we must fulfill our roles
cast your fears upon the winds of time
for you have paid life’s tolls
at the gate stands Truth, Bliss and Joy
welcoming home all Souls

listen . . .

(c) 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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