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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Searching for David

Searching for David

We live in a time where there are many Goliaths that walk amongst us. We see them in our Governments, Our Industry and our Communities. They express themselves through our Banks, Our Medicines, Our Food and Our Religion. They, these “Giants” of Men seem to have no empathy for the “Common Man”. We, the “common Man” have been all but reduced to a “Statistical Casualty” of their visions of Deluded Grandeur of Self. Do they have a God Complex of what ? These Individuals with their “Selfish” concerns have no problem with you not being here. They do not even exhibit evidence of their own true welfare so what do you think they feel about You and I ? With the advent of this “subtle” Global Marshall Law that enforces their mandates, the manipulations of Governments, the Rationing of the World’s Food Supply and the utter Rape of “Our” Planet’s resources, their “Megalomania is not longer as obscure as it once was. As a matter of fact they, these Goliaths are becoming so “cocky’, i do not think they even give a Flying Fart what you think either. In truth, though you may live in a Democracy or “Free” society, your Vote, Your Thoughts, your Vision, Your everything means “SQUAT” . . . save for one thing . . .the ONE thing they fear more than anything in the world ! . . . . Your Love for One and Other.

So this day, i beseech you to stand up. I am not asking any of us to Telephone a Senator or other Politician. This effort i request requires you not to email any one. You do not have to make and carry a Pickett Sign, T Shirt or any thing else. All that is required to set things back aright in this life is Love. Reach out to your Family, Your Neighbor, Your Community, and most of all Your Self with a big Warm Loving Embrace, and cooperate with the innate Goodness that resides within you . . . let it out, and You / We will become that David that slew Goliath . . . Love is the Answer !

(c) 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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The Gardener said...

wishing you all my love all the time . . .
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