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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

what kind of Tea are you brewing ?

what kind of Tea are you brewing ?

paralyzed by the fear of change
we see and we find
a certain solace
in our misery
and listless esteem

our dreams become impotent
yet we do so anyway
that we may evade
being ostracized by our peers

our moments become days
days transmute to months to years
and the abyss of our ineffective character
floods with our disdain
and our tears

we build elaborate Castles
at the edge of our Seas of Logic
praying that the inevitable tides
of this unreasonable reason
will somehow not show it’s truth,
but the Sun still kisses the Moon
doesn’t it ?

the light that it shares
is its love
and it does so
that it may thus give it unto us
the lost children
who are meandering through this wilderness
we love so falsely
while grasping for
and clasping to illusions

we see the Light
but we walk not the Silvery Path

we hear the Music
yet we will not dance

we smell the sweetness
wafting through the air
of our Soul’s potential
and we hunger yet greatly
but we will not sit and dine
for we are not willing to pay the price
of letting go
of our “comfortable” convenient delusions

Oh Child, do you not see
the Petals of the Holy Flower
opens to welcome you
into its sweet embrace
for your Soul is like that of the Lotus
and you are La Famiglia

fear not the Sun
fear not thou greater Self
for your Regality
requires your presence
upon the Throne,
a place where fear may not enter

this Holy Altar of thine
resides in thy center,
that disconnected
circumspective Self
that always knew
the path you walked
was suspect and defective

we at times cast shadows
for no reason
when we should be sharing our light
without the whispering
of vilifying incantations
to the night
which only validates unseen quantities
and secrets which exact their power over us
while vying to be discovered
and uncovered
like that Candle under that Bushel

who can see
can you ?

the views are jaded and kaleidoscopic
and we turn this way
and that
hoping to extricate
and exact
some clarity here
based upon something verifiable
an actual factual expression
beyond this fractal universe
of our own thoughts and construct

yet we are tersely constipated
for we have waited
for our salvation to come from without
when all the answers
to all the questions
resides within
locked in those prisons of illusion
we have termed
the unforgivable Sin

and should we begin again
this same journey
would anything change
if our thoughts do not ?

what kind of Tea are you brewing ?

© 19 December 2012 : william s. peters, sr.

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