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Friday, December 21, 2012

let us shift on and keep it moving

let us shift on and keep it moving

well, the World has come to an end
and i be damned
it looks just like the place i just left
much to my mirth
it looks just like Earth

could it be that Heaven is as we see it
and hell is as we decree it
yet i do now know that truth
that i can not flee it
for it always hunts me down
whether in Heaven
or Down here on Earth
what is that little caveat worth

it takes me back
to something that has been dancing in my head
something that Christ guy said
that if you run around looking for heaven
you must be the fool
for in that Christ guy’s school
they taught that heaven
was within me
that i have all the tools

there are times i do see it
times that i can be it
but for some reason
we always attempt to flee it
for who wants to be that target
Cittying on that Hill
where all can see

can you see me
feel me
the real me
i be trying  . . . see

all my life long
there was this song
that i heard
there were no words
just a feeling
that kept me feeling
there was so much more

was it always right here
within me
within my core ?
in the absence of
my doubt
my worrations
my fears

over the years
i have shed tears
and collected
queer little idiosyncratic concerns and fears
to hold on to
for why ? . . who knows
for as the wind blows
or the News Goes
there goes we too
along with the things
others present to you
and me

but hopefully now
i can see
that within me
there is that Divine Breath
that Divine Blueprint
that Divine Road Map
that is Heaven Sent
that will lead me to that place
where i can face
my true self
and taste the sweetness of Life Eternal
with out the infernal threats
others told me about
to include but not limited to
the following
Churches and Mosques
Friends, etc
for i now understand
they too fear
being alone

but if we stop for a minute
and listen to that tone
of connectivity of all things
we realize
when our inner eye is open
that we are 1 grand expression
of the All-ness of all things

does not the Sun kiss
the Sailor
the Sinner
the Taller
the Thinner
the Doe-ful
the Woeful
and you and i too
why it even kisses the Moon
as its light shines through
to en-lighten the paths
of the weary
the dreary Night Traveler

Unravel Sir the doctrine
and let our reason be loosed
there is no longer any excuse
for being the antithesis of life

the rife of inhumanity we all
yes, ALL have practiced
at some time or another
against our Sister, our Brother
is no longer necessary
for we have arrived
in a non contrived place
where all may taste
that sweet fruit of expectation
with an elation
juiced by the God(s)

were not you in that field
when the call was made
Free Lemonade
and Milk and Bread
without price
nice . . .

to the Sinner, the Saint
the Gentile, the Jew
the Infidels, the Pagans too
that may be Me and You . . .  too
for we too are Kin
and there is nothing we can do about that

so won’t you come along
it is an easier path to walk

let us stop talking about
what we wish to be
and be that which we need to be
as we shift
and move on deliberately
through this figment of illusion
into the first step
of the rest of eternity

let us shift on
and keep it moving
and put our best suit on
cloak our selves with the raiment of love

for all things manifest
for all things belong
in dance, in joy, in song
to you to me
to that great i am
within thee

© 21 December 2012 ; William S. Peters, Sr.

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