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Thursday, December 6, 2012

as i so wish

as i so wish

we write our poetry
we sing our songs
speaking from the whisperings
of our souls

in my empirical consciousness
there is a stirring of the waters
at times i am gleeful
other times troubled
sometimes joyful and loving

they clipped my wings
before i came here
and by verse i escape
back to ‘times” past
and times forward
for i remember
who i am
and i know
that i am not limited
by these words
i emote

there is a semi-mournful
semi-ecstatic resonance
that can only be  captured
in glimpses
for we are now dichotomous

is such a gift ?
or curse

yet the perspective is mine
and i choose
to be divine

and in between the lines
one may peer at their own self
where the reflective wonder
of starless skies
awaits your presence
to adorn them

dreams can not be contained
in quantifiable thoughts
nor one’s cognitive acuitions

we must let go of our lower vibrations
for the density is much too heavy
to tow in flight

even Eagles can not carry such baggage

and Icarus proved the theorem
that vanity serves it’s own end
regardless of how seemingly noble

perhaps the afterthought
is a good place to be
for those who cower
in the face of their creativity
for when the glass reflects your light
you too will be blinded
and you will see your self
as the light that you are
and have always been
like those stars in yonder heavens

it is not out of your reach to “BE”

in the expressions
that leak from between
my reason, fears and logic
there is an almost inaudible voice
cosigning my truth
that i can re-paint this canvass
which we call life
as i so wish

i am the color

we write our poetry
we sing our songs
speaking from the whisperings
of our souls

© 5 December 2012 : william s. peters, sr.

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