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Monday, December 10, 2012

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

on the underside of
that pretty prissy pink ribbon
was dirt
and it hurt
for she had fallen
and skinned her proverbial psychic pretty knees

and the pleas
could not abate her pain
as they waxed
where they should have waned

maybe she thought too much about it
those times past
that seemed to last

perhaps it was her “new” endeavors
that reinforced the lack of cleverness
with which she approached her life
embracing her strife
over and over again

most certainly
she was not her best friend
for most of her anguish
she spoke into being

maybe if she changed her self talk
her language
she could become the Mistress
and Ruler of her domain
and be gone with the pain

yes . . . she was insane
with the incessant inane redundancy
of her profundity
to repeat the lessons
she thought she had learned
long ago
or should have

and her woe returned
and burned holes in her heart
with the smile of every man
who showed her that she can
provide them with
but a night of pleasure
while they explored her treasure
and left her Box
her Chest
save for the flowing emotions
found in the Oceans
that leaked upon the sheets
of her esteem

she did dream
but did that help ?

She too wanted a Prince Charming
and alarmingly so
she saw one in each
and ever Joe, Tom, Richard or Dick
who knew her secret
the trick
to making her
give in
that they could
get it in
again and again
and again

was it her need for a Daddy
she wondered
as she redundantly blundered
every time

there were discordant tones
and all she wanted Melodies
and pretty little Verses
and Rhyme
just sometimes would do

but she kept falling
for the same old lines
and her verse became skewed
and she knew
that her knees would never heal
despite her pleas
for more
for les
if she continued
to play this game
of Hide and Seek
where she hid from her truth

so she wore a pretty Pink Ribbon
in her hair
deluding her self
and the world

for at least
the outside
appeared fair

and she was . . . Pretty in Pink

© 9 December 2012 : william s. peters, sr.

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