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Monday, December 3, 2012

in but a little time

in but a little time

in but a little time
you will be graced by a consciousness
that is of your own truth
it shall come to you naked
unadorned with the garb of the world

the glass will be pure, polished
and translucent
if your light so shines
the world of 10,000 things
shall greet you
as the brother
and children
of it’s life

there shall be no veils
and you will not need to employ your logic
nor excuses
for you shall see how it was
that you have lived
since you first incarnation
there shall be near a shimmer
in your reflection
for illusions have no place here

we / you / i shall peer into that abyss
adorned with the collections
of our errancies
our choices
and the angelic voice
of our favor

which shall be fitted with wings
to fly our souls
above those things
that once enslaved your intent
and seek to imprison your essence
in an eternity
once again
as it has done before

there shall be a mixture
of singing and wailing
and the chorus of our souls
will travail for an orchestration
that makes some semblance of sense
and brings universal harmony
to our speakings
as we melodically chant incantations
of joy
never before heard
since our mass migration
from Eden’s Utopic ideologies

shall you find it i ask ?
shall i ?
shall we ?
can you hear the dancing Muse’s footsteps
and soft enchanting song

yes !

the task before us
is one of more than a trust
for we have already violated the agreement
for which we came

One can never effectuate change in the Status Quo
not by acquiescing to the program
or by Cowering before the megalomania that prevails
can we ?

like the Angels who preceded
we thought we needed
to immerse our selves
in this temporal expression
that we may transmute
the darkness to light
and we became finite
so we thought

but the night shall not last forever
for a Light of Lights
and we can feel the encroaching
as it comes to reclaim it’s own
in but a little time

© 30 November 2012 : william s. peters, sr.

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