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Saturday, December 1, 2012

instant, grayscales and monotones

instant, grayscales and monotones

the grass is no longer green
it is just dirty

melodies of life have fled
and i bleed in woe filled dreams
and i need an instant fix
before i go back to sleep

so i write poetry
for the accolades ?
that fades as well
regardless of what i tell
or disperse
in my verse

a curse ? . . .
or a blessing

confessing never works
never has
for the jerks who listened
had their own proclivities
they were dealing with

doing crosswords puzzles
crossing words up
feeding me a verbiage of garbage
even they did not dare to eat

have we forgotten our thirst
our hunger

and i wonder
did they really know the one
who could fix it all

the calls of my soul was desperate
for the despair
was choking of all air

that which i thought was my life
as the strife accumulated
was ill fated
and i was only sated
in my delusions
as the contusions within
began to callous

the fallacies we endure
even though we are sure
is not the way
will never lead us to that day
we vie for
we die for
we cry for
it is a house
whose foundation
is not of concrete

it is a mud brick
and my sickly salty tears
dissolve all basis
of my illusionary stasis
and again i am grounded
from the storms

i need an instant fix
to my grayscale world

when will the music become
more than a monotone ?

where is my box of 64
i need more color than this instant Grey
mixed from this Black and White contexuality

© 1 December 2012 : william s. peters, sr.

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