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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

will i go to heaven if i pray ?

will i go to heaven if i pray ?

with a Genghis like
frothing of the mouth like madness
the spirit of that bitch named “Colonialism”
felt it her ordained right
to resurrect the world
in the image of it’s own darkness

this disease affected the minds of men
who parroted this megalomania
in the name of civilization
or keeping up with the Jones

sowing seeds of fear amongst the common people
the will of loving men became darkened
by the shadows of subversive lies
offered like candy to our nimble simple minds
for we did not wish to bother
to discern for our selves
did we ?

the formula is tried and true
and works with a consistency
that can not be refuted
by those who dwell in the realm of dreams

so it seems
that the un-pious vyers
the lie criers
will continue to have their way

from feudal to daedal systems
they all dress the same
just in different colors
but we do recognize you
yes we do

we have renamed you “Oppressor”
“News” and other semi disconnected
reflections of our apathies
let us muse on this

whatever machine we wish to call it
name it
Democracy to Sovereignty
from Fascism to Socialist
the Monopoly Men
have not lost their swerve
as they create new curves
in the road
just to keep you disoriented
but never quite lost

Call them Power mongers if you will
and the War Mongering of their lieutenants
are but a guise
to delude the eyes
of the people
from catching a peek
of the real game
and it objectives
it’s agendas
found in Foreign Policy
exacted from our homes
of acquiescence
and indifference

i mean, really
what do i care
that millions are dying
someplace else

i mean if i try hard enough
i may shed a tear of compassion . . .
for my self
for in the end
the debt will be mine
and the toll extolled
will be the selling of my soul
that is already heavily mortgaged
to the devils
of my own imaginations
and consignment

but . . .

will i go to heaven if i pray ?


© 10 July 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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