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Sunday, July 1, 2012

how about you ?

how about you ?

our eyes are not veiled
for we see what is transpiring
in the world about us

we are not asleep
nor are we dreaming
in some context this is all real
and that which we feel
the anguish
the pain
the insane
the inane
fosters our indifference
it’s plain
to see

we are not dumbed down
numbed down
nor are we the clowns
we pretend to be
for we do know
with a certainty
what lies at the end of this path
we travel

the capacity
for our audacity
our alacrity
to live in denial
will last but a little while longer
and soon we will be held
for the insurmountable
ills we have let
and soon our children must sit
at this table
and eat the meal we have allowed
to be prepared for them

the thread of our lives
have been let
and they are unraveling
as i speak

it may take a month
a year or two
or a week
but we must gather our weaknesses
and address our messes
right after
another confession session

we must strengthen our resolve
and solve this mystery
this dis-ease
with our souls
that has us immobilized
yet entertained
with the pretty lights of things
that has inebriated our senses

we must over come this
viral mind infection
that refrains us from action
for i can’t nor you
get no satisfaction
upon this road
it is never ending
always bending
changing the looks
and the rules
along the way

in the fray
we will die
this will be our resolve
in an semi ultimate expression
for we are half way there

but what of our offspring
will they spring from the abyss
that which we called forth
where their light is swallowed
before it can be
sanctioned to function
with any reasonable effect

i detect a need
i suspect i can
i elect
to move
from where i am now
for it is not working for me

how about you ?

(c|) 1 July 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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