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Sunday, July 8, 2012

and it was so

and it was so

with my feet immersed in the damp soils
of that virginal garden
where what became myth was spawned

i stood at the juncture
where the four sacred waters converged
as they spoke of the holy unto me
with a babbling and rushing tongue

i was being baptized by a spirit
that had no name
that was utterable by the tongue of man
and my Soul essence was clear
and reaching for life in sweet embrace

every light which adorned every sight
presented an reverent understanding of creation
and “i” was the focal
the fulcrum
that held all things in balance

time was not
for there were many eternities
that slipped by me
as i stood there musing
the exponential-ness of space
and watched in wonder as it folded
and expanded
reflective of any thought i experienced

a dimensional veil was about me
and i lifted my hand and touched an etheric fabric
that knew not of any form
for it as i, were the formless
free to be as free as any thought could be

there were a multitude of Suns
and Stars
and Moons
that adorned whatever and wherever
i affixed my gaze
providing a certainty
that all was light

my within was without
and all without was naught but
my imaginings manifest

and i smiled

there was a music playing
for i wished it to be so
and the nymphs i conjured forth
began to dance about me
for my fleeting yet indelible pleasure

the spiritual virgins came to my presence
bearing oils, spices and fragrance
to adorn my coming evolution
with a divine anointing
that i would remain ever pleasing to Source
which vibrated as did i
in a self reflective epiphany
that we were one

yes we were one
and i smiled across the divide
betwixt a thought and being a thought
and it was so

i saw you there . . .

© 8 July 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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