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Sunday, July 8, 2012

there are small slivers of light

there are small slivers of light

there are small slivers of light
that pierce the shadowed fabric
that envelopes
our conscious memories
of bright times past

i try to hold on to them
and entomb them in my presence
like the present that they are
for they have an ability
to make one feel good

but they do not last
nor do they anchor themselves
to my “here” consciousness
for my convenience
that i may always wear a smile

they say i should live in the “NOW”
that is what people who proclaim
a certain evolvement will tell you,
but dammit . . .
the “now” is not all
it is cracked up to be
is it?

with the challenges we all must face
the despair we all must taste
closes in on us
stealing what little space
we once reserved for our joys

and truthfully
it is not all about me
but . . . then again my friend
it is

but i question
how can i be
so happily evolved
when the resolve
of my brothers and sisters
hangs in such a frail balance

the maladies of mankind
are often unkind
to our souls
our hearts
our minds
and anything else
us human kind
use to embrace
and cherish

people are hungry
stricken with war and famine
and global economics
to name a few

i wonder if our Gods knew
this would be the road
we would have to endure
and i ask
where is the cure
for this illness
that blights our goodness
that at one time
we so freely shared

i let the lantern be enlightened
that my minds eye
may see the path before me

if but for a few more paces
a few more steps
and my anguish shall find rest
for a moment or so

who knows
what is to come
as we let go
de-involve our spirits
from this empirical entanglement

the horsemen come
can you hear the hoof beats
the promise of a replete-ness
that will hopefully extricate us
from this mess
we have made in God’s Cosmic kitchen

we spend far too much time bitchin’
about that which we have created
don’t we

and it is we
who reconfirm it’s dire need to exist
by doing nothing
to evoke change
while stroking
our Egoic nature
with diversion
and masturbatory reason
as we seek a pleasing
that can never come
to any sort of orgasmic epiphany
that will sustain our bliss

so we seek dark places
and without
fearing our own reflections
for such is he
who wishes not to confront
their ultimate

would that be you my friend
would that be me
that seeks to hide away
from those Divine Messengers
the Horde of Hermes
who brings to us all
a purse from the Sow’s Ear
which holds within
the pearl of wisdom
that shines as a
small sliver of light
and our cosmic psyche is pierced

there are small slivers of light

© 2 July 2006 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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