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Sunday, July 8, 2012

i shall have her . . . a sample from Hot Summer Nights

i shall have her

she had moved me in ways
that spawned me to want to
move her as well
move in her and quell
her longings
my longings

from that abysmal well of her Soul
through her womb
that entombs our possibilities
silly me

from those lusciously sweet dripping pearl lined lips
around those shapely wonder-filled hips
sailing my hopeful ships
across the Sea of her skin
getting it in
bringing waves of pleasure
with deliberate measures
discovering her delectable treasures
and on to her fully pursed
lovingly lickable kissable lips
upon her face

i could taste every molecule
every atom
of her essence
her effervescence
a divine present
for she was my Eve,
my Lillith
and of course
i was her Adam
her first

i want to hear her
speak my name
and evoke an
unmitigated fame
that would go down in history
as i explored her
every hidden mystery

i want to occupy her every thought
day and night
and in between
the seen
and the unseen

i want to sleep with her dreams
and we will make a love
whose passions
makes the Devil
lose his morals
his scruples
and dance
abandoning all chance
as he makes a request of me
for lessons from me
while down on his knees
his sins
of inadequacy

you see,
i want her
and that
i shall have

i want to taste all of her consuming expectations
her liquid expectorations
and her need for the elations
only my educated tongue
can teach
please, i beseech you to listen

i watched as she opened for me
showing me her glistening wonder
hidden under
her demureness
and with a certain calculated sureness
i reverently approached

yes she was secretly
hopin’ for me
and my love
to ease her mind
as i sought to find
my way

i knew, like you do
that all she could think of
was what is about to transpire
as i purge her desire
while i seek to fire
her melting, smelting loins up
and satisfy
that urge
her need for my seed
she has been living with
suffering with
since the beginning of her time
it was time to feed her

i told her to pay close attention
with no dissension
as i impart my “gift” to you
as i take you in my hands
my heart
and lift the best of you
to meet my orgasmic
cataclysmic visions
and shift you
and your understandings
and beliefs
from haunted imaginings
to a new reality
between the sheets
of our collective consciousness
where our civility is loosed

i asked her to flip over
and she did obey
with her caboose
in the air
a fairest God molded derriere
shapely and well rounded
and i thought i had founded
heaven here on earth

there was an
unquantified quantum
of quixotic orgasmic quandaries
awaiting my quest’s fulfillment
with a non querulous equanimity

i was ready
for it was a
quantic excursion and . . .

much to my mirth
i was ecstatic
it was automatic
and i rose to the occasion
feeling the sweetest ridged sensations
of my lust
and yes
i trust
you know what i mean

i have seen the unseen
as my queen
lay beneath me
needing me
in her
to move her
to a new level
of ecstasy
she needed to be free
as only i can do
yes me

i gathered her in a motion
for i had a notion
that her ocean of love
direly desired
to be explored
i mean
wasn’t that
what we were here for ?

i wanted to penetrate her core
and flood her reason
from shore to shore
with orgasms
and spasms
like another Phantasm movie
i moved her
she moved me

and as Romeo does say
these are my thoughts
lend me your ear
and listen
as these words of my emotions
do glisten
as you understand
that i am but a man
but a poet

and this is only
my imaginings
my way
to speak of what i am going to do

so for me
for you
this is my foreplay
but in the end

i shall have her

© 3 July 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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