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Monday, July 2, 2012

Power Outage

Power Outage

the Sun was Hot
and i mean HOT !!!!

the heat was bleeding my energy
and there was nothing i could do about it
for i was not in control
was i ?

i looked for shade and shadows of it
hoping to find a brief respite
but to no avail
for the shade had conspired
with the wind
to offer no rest for the weary
and the air was stilled
and my energy spilled
out with a certain discordant angst

there were no fans
save the mechanical type
which required more movement
on my part

the Air Conditioning ?
you gotta be kidding me
it has been years since
we have heard of such
for electricity that was required
and that had long be relegated
to folk-lore

there was a power outage some 12 years ago
and that is how things remained
consciousness disconnectedness

who would have thought
we, man could have survived such
yes somehow we did

and today, the Sun was burning holes
through our Ozone
to our zone
and we, man
this purgatorious existence
with a consistence
we never knew before

wasn’t it us
who allowed that door
to remain open ?

perhaps we should have done the same
when we were burning all those Fossil Fuels

Connect - Disconnect

No Ice, No Bergs
and the Oceans are Hot

Fools we were
yes collectively
we passively
to the non benign behaviours
while looking for that Saviour
from the Sky
you know
that guy
who would save us from ourselves

i remember the very 1st
Power Outage
when we mentally turned off
and allowed our indifference
to become our way

and those greed merchants . . .
well . . . they are all dead now
or just beyond our reason
for now we all must endure
this season of death

pass the pipe will ya
let us smoke on some more of the delusion
during this seemingly endless
power outage


© 2 July 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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